25 sätt att hacka sin ålder med gammal visdom & modern vetenskap

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Ben Greenfield håller en sjukt matnyttig presentation på eventet A-Fest 2018 och delar sina tips för ökad livslängd och hur man biohackar sin kropp.

Kortfattat går han igenom följande:

Optimize the Mind

1. Balance Neurotransmitters

Dopamine, Serotonin, Gaba (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), acetylcholine some of the most important neuro transmitters

Balance with coffee and theanine 100mg

Tulsi also works

Dirty Genes Book (he found for himself SAMe and Homocystex beneficial)

The Edge Effect Book neurotransmitter quiz then make food and exercise choices based on neurotransmitter dominance (my add see also Mars Venus Diet and Exercise Solution Book)

2. Fix a leaky Brain

Cold Showers

Ray Cronise on Cold Thermogenesis Hot Cold Shower 20s Cold to 10s hot 10x it’s a 5 minute shower.

Get head cold is great for blood brain barrier integrity.


Cold pools or Ice Bath

3. Breathe

Want high level of CO2 along with high level of O2 Bohr effect

Buteyko Breathing

Belly or Bellows Breathing deep belly breathing (kite string check)

Box Breathing 4s in/4s hold/4s out/4s hold

4. Eat yourself Smart

Eliminate processed vegetable oils.

Oils comprise cell membrane if you are making up your body with rancid oils your cell membrane suffers and so your body suffers.

Deep Nutrition Book

Organ Meats (b12 taurine and more)

Creatine 5g/day (known nootropic)

5. Live like Limitless Lucy

Nicotine toothpick and black coffee (microdoses of nicotine)

Microdose LSD (merge left and right hemisphere) 10-20mcg dose

Nicotine Snus

Qualia Mind (intellect tree Celastrus Paniculatus) enhances memory and comprehension

Walnut for the brain, tomatoes and pomegranate for the heart, avocado for the ovaries.

6. Upgrade your head

Use light


Use glasses blue lightwave spectrum 25mins every morning

PEMF Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy Biohack for exercising the cells

Hypoxic and Hyperoxic training Live O2

7. Train for speed

CNS tap test

HRV training heart rate variability training Low frequency sympathetic High frequency parasympathetic

Naturebeat HRV app (I found Elite HRV)

Train your muscles for explosive fast twitch power.

8. Get Deep Sleep 10%+

Repair, Recover, Consolidate Memory

Fitbit or jawbone or any tracker

Expose to red light at night (no artificial light low or no blue spectrum light)

CBD oil can enhance deep sleep

What makes Olga Run book

Optimize the body

9. Become a fat burning machine

Adipose tissue releases inflammatory cytokines which can get in the way of longevity

Control inflammation and control glycemic variability 2 most important things to increase longevity.

123 method

1 Fast for 12-16 hours magic window

2 In a fasted state do 20-30 minutes of easy aerobic exercise (walk, light swim, easy yoga)

3 Finish with 2-5 minutes of cold exposure

Add in a little caffeine with coffee or green tea to blow it up.

10. Own a routine

Consistency trumps variety

Stack rocks, Breath work, circuit train 3 days a week, paddle board or ultimate frisbee.

Same reliable thing. Consistency allows you to maintain fitness year round.

11. Clean your gut

Poop like a baby

Coffee enema peristalsis, bile production, liver, gallbladder great for detoxification (my add coffee enema requires your body to produce glutathione to be effective you may need to supplement glutathione in order to receive full benefit)

Glytamin suppository

Deep tissue psoas work use a pso-rite

Vibration or peristalsis qigong shaking or myobuddy (my add also rebounding)

Squatty potty or squatting position for bowel movements

12. Systematize your fitness blueprint

Mitochondrial density

Super slow training

VO2 Max

Different elements of fitness that confer longevity

13. F*@# Diets

The Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio?

Genetic variety

Find out what works for you and your genes what your ancestors ate

Dirty Genes book

Test and find out what works for you

14. Control Glycemic Variability

Bitters before a meal

Mix mint, ginger, black pepper and other unnamed herbs and spices into Moscow Mule

Anything that enhances first phase insulin response lemon/ginger any digestif

Bitter melon extract, Ceylon cinnamon, or Berberine. Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar

Chew your food 25-40x per bite enhance your blood glucose response to a meal

Any explosive exercise as little as 30 seconds

Walking any time within the hour after you’ve eaten for 10-20 minutes after you eat

End of the day carbohydrates.

15. Recover like wolverine

Use better living through science

Use peptides BPC-157 and TB 500

Neural therapy procane and vitamin b12

Stem cells (in the penis though??)

Exosome and stem cell injections

16. Fortify immune system

Use colostrum during the year to enhance immune system and growth hormones.

Myers cocktails IVs 1/week get multivitamins in your bloodstream

Low level physical activity. Bounce, vibrate, move all day long great for lymph

17. Hack your environment

Fluid stance

Move and still work he uses Dragon dictate

Coil Stretch bow stance rotate towards forward leg and reach overhead with opposing arm

18. Become a Supermodel

Weekly clay mask enhance the skin

Golf ball rolling (feet affect space in chest cavity, posture, symmetry, health of hips and knees)

Collagen consumption 20-40g/day of collagen bone broth or supplement

Optimize your spirit

19. The biology of belief book

Gene expression frequencies and expression

20 Practice Gratitude

Be grateful. Who can I help, pray for, or serve today?

21. Sound healing

Use sound to enhance health and sleep

Love tuner 520hz frequency

Whole tones music Michael Tyrrell

Brain FM

Sleep Stream

22. Love




Go out of your way to surround yourself with people.

Books: Never eat alone. Quie. The Blue Zones

Build a family around us.

23. Experience Sex

January 2018 Edition Mens Health

24. Create a Routine

25. Care for your spirit/soul

The #1 thing you can do to live a long time, look great naked, and be happy forever.

Ki, Lifeforce, Energy, Prana, Chakra, Spirit.

Don’t forget to care about your happiness

Be quiet for just a couple of minutes. Connect with your purpose. Connect with your soul.

See in your mind your purpose

Find your purpose in life and love others with that purpose.

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